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Internships in Washington, DC


TFAS Summer Academic Internship Program in Washington, DC

The summer program provides students from across the U.S. and abroad the opportunity to spend 8 weeks earning 3-9 credits from George Mason University, complete an internship placement in their field of interest, and live on George Washington University’s campus – located just a few blocks from the State Department and White House.

Public Policy + Economics: for students seeking to pursue careers in public policy, economics, law, government and the nonprofit sector.

International Affairs: for students interested in a career in the foreign service, international relations or multi-national NGOs.

Journalism + Communications: for students planning careers in journalism, communications and public relations.

Business + Government Relations: for students studying business or political science, and interested learning about the legislative process and how businesses represent their interests to the federal government.

Leadership + the American Presidency: for students interested in strengthening their leadership skills while learning lessons from the American Presidency. This program is sponsored in partnership with the Ronald Reagan Institute.

Fall + Spring Academic Internship Programs in Washington, DC

Through the Capital Semester program, TFAS brings students from across the U.S. and world to Washington for 15 weeks. Students will earn 12 credits from George Mason University, be placed in an internship within their fields of interest, and live in furnished apartments in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, just blocks from the Library of Congress and U.S. Capitol.

International Programs

Our international programs are 2-3 week cross-cultural academic experiences bringing together students from around the world. Programs are offered in Prague, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Santiago, Chile.

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American University Internship Program

Be an intern at a world-renowned organization while earning academic credit at a top ranked university. Over 8 weeks, you will expand your network and acquire valuable experience, distinguishing you from other students - both at your home college, and in future internships and jobs.

A summer in DC will change your understanding of the world, impacting your outlook on your studies and future career.

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Summer Undergraduate Internship - DC

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve the systems of democracy and justice in the United States.

Center is seeking interns to provide research and administrative support for staff in their Washington, DC office.

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DC Health College Student Internship Program (DOHCSIP) is designed to create internship experiences that relate to departmental needs and is closely aligned with students’ abilities, professional goals, and areas of interest.

The DOHCSIP enhances the educational aspects of the career development process; provides a system of accountability, and encourages professionalism. The program provides an opportunity for students to develop positive work habits to test their aptitude for, or interest in a selected field. Students can gain academic credit for their work experience; relate coursework to on-the-job experiences and work with professionals in their career field. DC Health College Student Internship Program applicants must be US Citizens or have Legal Non-Citizen Resident Status.

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